data security

When building an application, there is two ways to do security. The real way, and the fake way.

Most websites you use today have fake security. When you log onto their service, your password gets sent up to their proprietary servers. There they check to see if it is correct and grant you access to YOUR data.

Sure, their servers might be in a top secret location. But the problem is that they know your password. Which means any bad actor, like a rogue employee, a hacker, or a government agency can snoop on your data without you knowing.

So what does real security look like?

Rather than your password getting broadcast over the internet, you instead get sent a bullet proof vault that you try to open. If your password is correct, the vault unlocks. But if you are a hacker, it would take a 100 years to crack open - and you would have to do this for EVERY piece of data sent to you.

This makes it very hard for bad actors to spy on you because your password never leaves your computer.

So, which security would you choose?

While GUN can certainly be used in the traditional setup, we're going to show you how to build applications using real security instead.

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